Baby Carrying in a Rural Ecuadorian Community

Here are some pictures I grabbed when my daughter and I were travelling in Ecuador last year. This was a community we visited in a very isolated, rural area at a very high elevation (we had some elevation sickness while we were there!!) My daughter did some fundraising for this school as they were a fairly poor community with very few supplies at their school. Some kids from a Quito school were visiting the same day we were, and doing some activities with the kids.  But I thought you all would enjoy seeing these:

4 thoughts on “Baby Carrying in a Rural Ecuadorian Community”

  1. I always think it’s funny when I have my little one in a sling or wrap and people make comments along the lines of, “Why didn’t they have these [new-fangled] things when I had kids?” Babywearing is not new!! The Quechua women in Ecuador have been doing it since before the conquistadores showed up! And so were native people in North America, before all the other Europeans arrived! 😛

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