Things I Love:

Children, gardens, books, decorating, beauty in its many forms (especially in the form that is fine china and fancy dishes of all kinds), learning, traveling, new experiences, spring & summer (clearly this was written in early March as the snow CONTINUES), dancing/music/revelry, playing board games (especially ones i can win, i.e.- no to trivial pursuit, yes to acquire and scrabble), using business skills to do things that help people, writing, reading, poetry, fresh air, psychology (especially relationship and personality psychology), family stories, being married to Mr. Right, rediscovering old crafts (crocheting, sewing, quilling, candle-making, cake-baking, flower arranging–coincidentally all things my grandmother loved to do), natural birth, breastfeeding,  kitty cats, sunshine, calling a spade a spade, getting to know people, RUMI, open-mindedness, photography, collaborating on creative projects, and sea salt.  It’s a vice, I know.  I am working on it (not really).

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