A Valentine To Tuk’a

With all the waste associated with holidays, and our family focus on reducing our consumption and helping others, my kids and I decided the best way to show love on Valentine’s Day was to give to those who really need it:

Valentine made by kids for Tuk'a


Each of my kids will give out these little notes to their classmates at very little cost to us, allowing us to donate $12 for each class to the 99 for Tuk’a fund!  That is 2 months support!  We would love to have additional supporters sign on and adopt Tuk’a with us!


8 thoughts on “A Valentine To Tuk’a”

    1. Thanks Rachel! My daughter is a natural at this. We traveled to Ecuador together in April and it seemed to really mean something to her. Watching her heart develop is the greatest joy.

  1. This is so cute! i only gave out Valentines suckers with Barbie cards to my classmates and your kids are philanthropists. it’s a great idea for an American classroom 🙂

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